before you shop

We love our job and our clients. Planning a wedding is tough! A lot of our past Bride’s have shared they were anxious and even a little scared of talking to their florist. No one knows how it’s going to go, what to expect, how much flowers cost, etc. We’re here to help! We have created a guide for you, sought a few pieces of advice from our favorite planners, and have a FAQ section to help you feel confident about your flower conversation!


your floral guide

This form was created to help you organize your flower ideas! Pinterest is a great place for inspiration but it isn’t the best resource for figuring out what exactly it is you would need to order from your florist. No matter who you book for your wedding day, this will guide you through the conversation about flowers wether it be with your planner or your florist.

It will probably take you 30 minutes to complete this form, we suggest a glass of rose, your Pinterest board and some good tunes to get your flower vibes flowing! Once you have completed the document we will email you a copy of your completed form!









DO YOU HAVE A MINIMUM ORDER? YES, we do! Your order total must be a minimum of $500. We order flowers specifically for EACH client…………………

HOW MUCH DO FLOWERS COST? Gooooooood question. Some say you should expect to spend 10-15% of your overall wedding budget on flowers. That can be true in some cases. It really depends on so many factors like: how big your bridal party is- if you want flowers on everything and everywhere, if you love peonies, if you have 300 guests coming, if you are hiring a professional (like us!) or someone who is just getting started, and so on, and so on.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A FLORIST AND A FLORAL DESIGN STUDIO: A “florist” is a retail flower shop. They do ALL the things, from weddings, to funerals, Mother’s Day, daily delivers, etc. A “floral design studio” is concentrated around their specialty. Ours is weddings! A designer is known as a “floral designer”, not a florist. Just trying to break that taboo if we can!

CAN I ADD ON TO MY ORDER? Of course!! You can email us directly if you need help with it or create another order, just like the first one. In the notes section be sure to let us know that it is an add on order!*******

WHAT IF I DECIDE I WANT TO PICK UP MY FLOWERS? That’s great! You can email us with your order # and date to make those arrangements. Your confirmation email will provide our contact details should you decide to pick up or change the delivery time. We will reimburse you for the delivery fee via check within 30 days of your wedding date.

WHAT IF I NEED TO CHANGE MY ORDER? We are able to accommodate changes, however, there are exceptions and they are explained in our contracts.

WHAT IS YOUR CANCELLATION POLICY? We sure hope this doesn’t happen but we know life can be unexpected. In the unfortunate circumstance that you need to cancel your order with us, you must do so 60 days in advance of your wedding date. We will reimburse you for your entire order minus a $100 administrative fee. We will issue you a check within 30 days of your cancellation notification for the amount of your order minus the $100 fee. But we will be so sad to see you go!