Garden Rose Centerpiece

Let’s talk flowers.

Everything you need to build your dream wedding, is here.

We’re just a couple of gals, in love with flowers and want to spend more time doing what we’re good at… designing! Which is why we created this online store, so you can decide!

Do you know how many times we have heard “I trust you” from our clients? This website is a dedication to you and our craft. We guarantee we are going to bring our best flower game for your day. We just can’t help it!

After years in the wedding business, we saw a need to alleviate the anxiety that comes with booking your wedding flowers.

Browse & Build to your Budget.

We have broken your wedding flowers down by category to make it easier to focus. At any time, you can click on your cart and see where you are at in terms of budget.

The best part about this is that we are not restricting you to any style or color palette and this is where the trust in our skill comes in. You will be asked to describe your color palette with each item (where necessary) and explain your style. Every, single, wedding, and client is unique. We want you to tell us what YOU want!

It’s your day, you decide, we design!

For example: When ordering your Bridal Bouquet, (EXPLAIN MORE)

Our design product descriptions are meant to make you feel like you’re having a conversation with us about flowers in the comfort of your own environment, at any time, anywhere. We explain what each design entails and but allow you to tell us your color palette and style.

We also have “Styling Suggestions” for items that can serve multiple purposes. After hundreds of weddings we have seen it all and want you to get the most out of your flowers.

Still Not sure? May we suggest looking at our portfolio from past clients to give you a feel for the magic we are creating through flowers. Trust us!

It’s effortless, elegant and simple, just like our flowers.

*****Yeah, it’s that easy. You can take as much time as you need to browse our store- book when you are ready and check out this awesome "Floral Needs Doc” (make hyperlink) that we have created to help you and take the place of a consultation. Have a questions? Email us here:????????????

For those interested in larger scale, custom work that would including ceremony and reception installations, rental items, and the like, please get in touch with us here